Post Office Mortgage Reviews

In 2009, among the mortgage companies of UK a Post Office money loan company was established.

All Post office mortgages are provided by the Bank of Ireland UK and have the Post office logo.

The company offers customers a wide range of loans for various borrowers, including housewives and first byers.

Post office also offers credit re-registration services.

About The Post Office

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PostOffice provides its customers a mortgage for the purchase of housing – regardless of whether it’s your first home, already existing property, or the housing to which you are moving.

The company offers a mortgage for the first housing for the first time buyers, remortgaging and moving home.

For those customers who want to use the service of remortgaging, the company offers up to 90% of loans of the value of the property.

Post Office Mortgage reviews

For the purchase of the first housing only a deposit of 10% of the value of the house is needed.

This makes it possible to buy your own housing even for families that do not have large amounts to deposit.

Thanks to the many years of experience of the Bank of Ireland, Post office has won the trust of customers and has become quite popular.

The company is competitive and offers mortgage loans with low commission fees.

Note! Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage.

Post Office Mortgage Rates

Post Office provides a fixed rate of 1.98% for 3 years for anyone who makes a deposit of 25%, 2.73% for 3 years with 15% deposit and a fixed rate 2.67% for 5 years’ mortgage with 10% deposit.

Thus, for people with different deposits rates vary and are competitive with mortgage loans.

However, according to experts, some mortgage loans can be significantly more profitable than mortgage from Post office.

After studying carefully all mortgage rates and deposits of different companies (for example the Leeds Building Society mortgage for three years with the same size of loan and 25% of the deposit, but with a smaller percentage of the payment) we found that some mortgages can be cheaper the Post office’s.

However, the advantage of Post Office mortgage is that the deposit is minimal.

In order to make the right decision when buying a home, we recommend you to study carefully all rates, offers and reviews about various companies in order to make the most profitable deal for you.

A clear understanding of the company’s rates will help you calculate the full cost of the loan, your loan payments and interests.

Note that using savings to offset mortgage costs can be a sensible use of your cash.

Thus, you can shorten the term of the mortgage and continue the interest payments.

Some financial experts believe that the offset of The Post Office Mortgage, rather than mortgage payments, gives you the opportunity to gain access to your savings balance.

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Customer Comments and Reviews


  1. Pierce

    Post Office made it possible for me to buy my own house even though I didn’t have a large deposit. Would recommend.

  2. Nikita

    This company is great. They are the only company i know that will even consider giving a loan to a housewife. They give people chances…

    • Sarah

      Hi There

      How much they charge for the whole process of purchasing, including admin fee, valuation, and survey?!
      Is that northern Irland bank or south Irland ?!, how finically stable are they ?!

      I am first time buyer, anyway to be exempted or at least to be reduced ?!


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