How to Calculate the Student Loan that You Owe

When students successfully graduate from their colleges or universities, they are happy and satisfied, but there is one thing that must be remembered: the necessity to start paying back their student loans and reduce the debt shared among other students in the UK.

However, before they begin this important repayment process, they should answer a few basic questions.

How much student loan do I owe? Which bank or other lending organization do they owe that money?

How Much Student Loan do I owe?

Sometimes, student loans can be quite overwhelming on their own, but it’s important to know how much students owe and those lenders who manage their loans.

By having a clearer idea of their student loan balance, it becomes possible to get finances in order and create the most effective repayment plan that not only works for specific lifestyles and earnings, but it also helps students pay off their debts fast and end up with savings.

The good news is that there are some useful tips that can simplify the entire process.


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Basic Intricacies Involved

The process of retrieving the right balance on private student loans can be a bit tricky for several reasons:

  • There is no national database for private loans of this type;
  • Those lending institutions that issued them originally may outsource their loan servicing to others, including groups that specialize in selling, buying and servicing this lending option.

Calculate the Student Loan that You Owe

Effective Methods to Determine Student Loan Balances

Luckily people can use a few simple and effective ways to determine their student loan balances, including the following:

  1. Consulting credit reports. The main reason to use this method is that such reports normally include contact information of creditors, such as new loan services. However, not all lending institutions report debts to credit agencies, and that’s why students should check all the major ones to get their credit reports with the necessary data.
  2. Asking their educational facilities for help. If it seems difficult to track down student loan balances, it’s advisable to talk to the financial aid administrator of their universities or colleges because they can help when it comes to identifying the lending company that owns these loans.
  3. Asking original lenders (if debts changed servicers). It is the best place to start searches, so that students always need to keep their original loan papers with the contact information of lenders because only one call can help them answer the same question:

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Great Ways to Pay off Student Loans Faster

Once people succeed to determine how much student loan they owe, the next step to be taken is figuring out how to pay off their debt fast.

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Basically, there are certain simple steps that can help students overcome their loans before they are ready to retire:

  • Paying off private student debts first as their interest rates tend to climb and start exceeding monthly budgets.
  • Putting around 10% (or more) of regular incomes towards student loans instead of paying only a minimal balance. This is how people can pay off their debts faster and deal with lower interest rates while saving their budgets to meet other important financial goals, including buying a new house, building emergency funds or saving for their retirement.
  • Asking employers to pay off these loans because some companies are willing to reduce the debt of their good employees in lieu of salaries.
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  1. Emily

    Taking a student loan, people do not usually know the answer to the question: How much do I owe in student loans? Realizing the answer is important, though. With an online calculator and other beneficial services provided by my lender, I distinctly know the sum of money I have to pay off.


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