Barclays Partner Finance Review

Barclays Partner Finance is one of principal divisions of Barclays Plc.

Financial conglomerate based in London, which is among the largest divisions in the UK and the world.

Its financial operations are carried out through Barclays Bank Plc., known as the second largest retail bank in the UK.


The division provides point-of-sale finance for business, supporting the sales through offering a variety of loan options to the customers.

According to a UK POS Finance Market review conducted by Apex Insight, it makes the Top 5 key lenders dealing direct with retailers.

barclays finance partner

Barclays Partner Finance is focused on retail (including home improvements), motor (both new and used cars) and leisure (sale of caravans, motorhomes or static homes) business.

To satisfy their needs, it offers several types of credit products:

– Personal loans

– Interest-free loans

– Buy now, pay later loans

– Personal contract purchase

– Conditional sale.


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Barclays Personal Loan

Barclays Bank Student Loans

Barclays Bank Car Loans

Credit Products Reviews

The credit products feature wide range of APRs and lending periods to meet varied needs of merchants and their customers.

The unsecured personal loans are based on a personalized price quote and fixed monthly repayments, while payment terms can be chosen depending on the loan amount.

Early repayment and a Price Guarantee service are also available.

The buy now, pay later loans allow deferring payments for a period of up to 12 month with the possibility to pay the loan both in monthly repayments and in full.

For motor business, Barclays Finance provides loans amounts of £1,500 – £50,000 varied in terms up to 48 months (Personal contract purchase) or up to 60 months (Conditional sale). Zero deposit option is available.

Sale of caravans and motorhomes is supported with an extensive range of personal loan options, while static homes can be purchased through conditional sale agreements.

Those financial solutions cover lending periods of up to 144 months and offer up to £50,000 of loan funds.

Additional Services

The additional services include PPI, digital signature and Price Guarantee options, as well as an online point-of-sale application system to improve customers’ experience through making their buying on credit really fast, easy and secure.

Training and ongoing support including a dedicated sales manager, client service managers and a helpdesk team are provided for merchants to make their operations smooth and effective.

The detailed FAQ sections on Barclays Partner Finance website cover most of routine questions from both partners and customers, including application and complaints issues.

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  1. Bruce

    Are you essentially the same organisation known as Barclay Finance? If so please get the hell out of Australia.

  2. Kelly

    I have a Barclay credit card. They helped me improve my credit score so I would definitely consider a personal loan from thwm


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