Barclays Car Insurance

Barclays Car Insurance provides 3 types of insurance product:

  • Comprehensive car insurance aimed to meet exacting customers’ needs;
  • Third Party Only insurance for those customers who need a minimum cover required by law.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft option, which features some expanded coverage.


The comprehensive auto insurance comes into effect in case of both accidental and malicious damage, as well as fire and theft.

Third Party liability protection is also included.

The insurance provides new car replacement if a customer’s car is crashed and if it is no older than 1 year.

It covers all necessary accident recovery works, while a replacement vehicle is provided (if available and no restrictions are applicable) for a period of a customer’s car repairing.

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Also, broken windows and locks are subjects to replacement.

With personal injury cover, which is included into the option, a customer is eligible to file claims of up to £2,500 in case of death or limbs/vision loss.

The third party auto insurance covers only legal liability for any other person’s death or injury, as well as for other person’s property damage.

This can be optionally supplemented by extra protection from fire and theft. It includes payments for lost or damaged in-car audio equipment, replacement of broken locks and providing a new car to replace the burnt or stolen one, if its age is not older than 1 year.

Also, regardless of the auto insurance type a customer can purchase a Legal Protection product for an additional fee.

The bank will pay up to £100,000 of customer’s costs in case of litigation resulted from the customer’s claims.

Other additional options payable are Breakdown cover and Guaranteed Replacement.


Any type of auto insurance is available for customers if:

  • A customer has a valid UK driving license
  • A customer’s auto has a valid UK registration number
  • The car conforms to UK specifications
  • The customer doesn’t intend to use the car for other purpose than regular driving
  • The customer hasn’t been refused auto insurance, or any other terms imposed
  • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency was properly informed about the customer’s disabilities and illnesses.

At the present time Barclays Car Insurance is available only for existing customers, while the bank doesn’t offer this type of insurance for new clients.

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Customer Comments and Reviews


  1. Pierce

    Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car from incidents other than crashes. This generally includes coverage for theft, vandalism, broken windshield, damage sustained from hitting an animal or from falling objects or missiles, fire, floodwaters or severe weather damage etc. Barclays Car Insurance service is another one of the better insurers around for dealing with claims.

  2. Joan

    The newer cars are the ones that people go after so the replacements for a car under a year old is a great option to have.

  3. Jennifer green

    Looking for car insurance quote


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